HP ‘support’ (or lack of…)

still stinks of shorted wire, kinda reminds me of scaletrix as a kid...

Was sat using my laptop yesterday when I smelt an acrid burning smell, spotted my laptop wasn’t charging so looked at the transformer and the cable exiting it was busy trying to burn itself up. I yanked the power lead from it and removed it from the carpet, thankfully before anything other than the cable itself got hurt. Went to hp support as I was a little concerned that thier product just tried to combust, and the very nice lady on the support chat said she was sorry for the inconvenience but that as the laptop was out of warranty it’s my problem, but she can sell me a new one if I want. Not impressed. If it had simply broke I wouldn’t mind, but spontaneous combustion is something that I thought would be taken a little more seriously. When batteries go bad they recall entire batches and replace them out of warranty, why is a fire hazard from a power supply so different?

genuine HP part, for all the good that does...

2 Responses to “HP ‘support’ (or lack of…)”

  1. 1 Martin Owens March 16, 2011 at 2:45 pm

    It’s probably not possible to replace the wire as they tend to seal these kind of power related devices so hacking is denied. I remember back in the old days when hacking on wires like this was practically a requirement.

    By the way, nice manicure.

    • 2 simarilius March 16, 2011 at 4:15 pm

      I actually did manage to fix it, cut it back fairly close to the block, stripped the outer back a good half inch, then stripped the core back. Did the same on the cable side, twisted the cores together and applied ample amounts of electrical tape, the twisted the outers together and applied more tape. Seems to work fine.

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