How can someone get it so wrong???

Been playing NFS:The Run, and have found myself shouting at the tv in frustration, how did they take such a good concept and screw it up so badly? A coast to coast canonball style run in super cars. 3000 odd miles of non stop racing. Sounds great! Except its not. Its not non-stop and its not 3000 miles. It stops every 5 minutes or so as the race is broken up into a zillion stages. Just as you get in a groove and its stage over, heres a bunch of pointless achievements and now you can hit A twice to wait through a load screen to carry on. 

On the screens between levels its constantly telling you your stats, Run time, 15mins, avg speed 140mph, miles travelled 300 plus? what the hell? ok, you’ve cut the distance down. stop making it so frikken obvious. I can do speed x time, its pretty obvious that the sums dont add up. 

Then theres the stupid stage modes, “pass 8 people to progress” its not really a coast to coast race if you cant progress past any 5 minute stage without finishing in the position the game makers have decided is the place that you need to be in at that point. 

Dont even get me started on the out of car bits. Why do I have to randomly mash the A button to make him run from cops, then bash the Y to make him jump a fence? Seriously pointless, and really badly done. if you want to have these ‘story’ bits to make me change car, just put them in as cutscenes and be done with it. 

I know, its a NFS game, its not meant to be vaguely realistic, its an action game, etc etc. but its just dumb. 

This could have been a great game. Its barely good. such a shame.

1 Response to “How can someone get it so wrong???”

  1. 1 mittienichols65803 April 8, 2016 at 3:29 pm

    o kiek kainuoja bilietai is bergamo i lecco, vietinis lecco autobusas nr. 5 ir funikulierius? ir kur tuos bilietukus geriau pikti? aciu:) Click

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