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Stock Patterns

I havent had all that much time to code on inkscape this last release, but one of the things I did get in there is stock pattern support. To get your patterns to work as stock ones theres a little more to it than just c/p to the patterns.svg file. Rob A has done a nice little tutorial that explains it pretty well:

That time of year again…

not xmas, but the when we announce the About Screen contest for the upcoming release of Inkscape (0.46).

If you like the idea of having your art as the about screen of an app with a install base in the hundreds of thousands, then get to work! (the 0.45.1 packages had >1mil downloads from sourceforge!)

The contest deadline is January 6th, 2008. As with the past few contests we’ve had, it is being done on DeviantART ( ).

You can find out more about it at:

Additionally, if you have a DeviantART account, please show the news some “love” so we can hopefully get the story promoted to the front page.

Good Luck! Have fun! Draw Freely.

Mmmmmmm Shiny…

I really love to see the kinds of things people are creating with Inkscape, so good to be providing a good tool to people that their doing cool stuff with.

Perfect example of the kind of cool things people are doing  is mr.manders wip over at :


One more…

One more inkscape learning resource that I’d not seen before:

very nicely presented quick guide to inscape which covers enough of the basics to get started, plus a few of the more interesting features.

Written by microUgly who has also created a forums site over at 

Tutorial goodness

Have been realising of late how many good inkscape tutorials there are out there that dont seem to be getting found by folks.  So thought I’d list a few of them that y’all might not have come across.

In no particular order we have:

 Hope theres something in there that you hadnt seen before.  Let me know of any other gems you think I’m missing.

 edit: one I missed Richard Querins Screencasts – Some nice screencasts showing various effects, main blogs a pretty good read too 🙂

Filling Calligraphic Strokes

Was playing earlier with SVN, and found a far easier solution to creating fills for  closed shapes drawn with the calligraphic tool than I’d been using previously.  Simple enough I should be able to do without pics, so here gos

  1. Draw the shape with the calligraphic tool
  2. Duplicate it. (ctrl + D)
  3. Draw another line in the region that will be filled.
  4. Select this line and the duplicate of the original.
  5. Do union (ctrl & + )
  6. break apart (ctrl + shift + K)
  7. Union again (ctrl & + )
  8. Send to back (End)
  9. Fill it with a whatever color you want.

Faking irregular gradients in inkscape

The question was asked in the jabber room if it was possible to make a gradient follow a path.
While strictly speaking its not, it is possible to fake it fairly well.
This is a very quick and dirty outline of how….

Step 1. Create your path.
Step 2. Duplicate it, and move it up a little (were creating a ‘thick’ version of it.)


Step 3. Connect the 2 curves – Duplicate the original again, Select both, do ctrl+K to make them into one path, then connect the nodes at either end so you have one shape.


Step 4.  Repeat the first 3 stages, but move the second line to where you want the far end of your gradient.
put the relevant fills on the 2 shapes to be the start and end of the gradient, and remove the strokes.

Step 5. Use the interpolate effect to blend between them. Use method 2 and turn on blending of styles. Make sure the thin ones on top of the thick one.


Step 6. And your done…. if you find you get messy edges like below, clip paths are a god send…