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Openscad export from inkscape, anyone interested?

I’ve been playing with OpenSCAD a bit  after reading the tutorials MakerBlock has been doing over at the makerbot blog. (and the ones by Allan Ecker on the thingiverse blog)

While messing around with the polygon command I thought it would be a whole lot easier if I could draw the shape in inkscape, so I started knocking up an extension to let me do just that.

so far it exports paths as polygons and rects as openscad squares (dont get me started on the fact that they have non square squares!)

Have  a few thoughts on other things I’d like to make it do, but would be good to know if anyone actually wants it before I spend too much time on it,  especially since I dont actually have a bot to make anything on yet anyways.

Heavily based on the extension at by the way. (credit where its due!)

Another one…

Just did another one, off my Susan ward image.

Vector Build ups….

So Ed Halley wrote this python script that creates an animation from an SVG file by building the image up shape by shape and doing nice tracking between them and so on. After he showed off his first anim in the jabber/irc room and posted the link to the script I couldnt resist having a play. Took a few tweaks to make the script play nice with win, but once thats done it was just a matter of setting it going and waiting while inkscape rendered a few thousand frames.

The first attempt i did shows that my style of drawing makes for a fairly random video. Since the animation is being done from the z-order info and my images are done in a pretty loose manner, the end result jumps about quite a lot rather than being a particularly ordered like eds, but its still kinda cool to watch them appear from the blank page. Decided I’d play with a drawing with slightly less objects while I improved the technique, so picked my Ford shelby GR-1 image. Got the same sort of slightly random video, so I tidied it up a bit before I ran it again by grouping objects from each area so the vid focuses on one region at a time. Seems to work fairly well, just need to find some music for it.


Eds vids:

Punk Angel build up:

Naginata Onna build up:

Lamborgini build up:

Stock Patterns

I havent had all that much time to code on inkscape this last release, but one of the things I did get in there is stock pattern support. To get your patterns to work as stock ones theres a little more to it than just c/p to the patterns.svg file. Rob A has done a nice little tutorial that explains it pretty well: