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Openscad export from inkscape, anyone interested?

I’ve been playing with OpenSCAD a bit  after reading the tutorials MakerBlock has been doing over at the makerbot blog. (and the ones by Allan Ecker on the thingiverse blog)

While messing around with the polygon command I thought it would be a whole lot easier if I could draw the shape in inkscape, so I started knocking up an extension to let me do just that.

so far it exports paths as polygons and rects as openscad squares (dont get me started on the fact that they have non square squares!)

Have  a few thoughts on other things I’d like to make it do, but would be good to know if anyone actually wants it before I spend too much time on it,  especially since I dont actually have a bot to make anything on yet anyways.

Heavily based on the extension at by the way. (credit where its due!)